Core Features

To adapt the NIST CSF and CIS Controls implementation and manage all your cyber risks, Cyber Scorecard created a single platform. The platform automates and streamlines procedures and documents needed to follow for cyber risk and security management. This saves time and money by applying manually. Cyber Scorecard lists all controls, criteria in the measurement and monitoring phase of the NIST CSF and CIS Controls.

Core Features and Capabilities :

  • Streamlines to collect and handle data relevant to your cyber risks.
  • Helps you to make better business decisions and gain financial visibility.
  • Reveals cyber weaknesses in your organization.
  • Identifies all relevant, potential cyber risks across an organization.
  • Allows you to manage all your teams on a single platform.
  • Supports to manage and improve the health of your cyber program.
  • Automatically generates a cyber scorecard.
  • Automatically creates cyber risk reports for senior management in a simple language.